About Me & Why We Are Making This Forum


This is me!  Hello everyone, I’m James, I live in Northamptonshire, and I’m a Leaky Gut sufferer. I’ve been struggling with various issues since the of about 16 (almost twenty years ago), so unwittingly suffering with something I eventually found was ‘Leaky Gut’.

Now, I’ve been on one hell of a ride since then, none of it fun let me tell you, and I will hazard a guess you’re not enjoying yourself either, so while I’ve been dragging my sorry self through this torrid journey of 3 steps forward, two steps back, I’ve been continuously frustrated with the lack of knowledge around Leaky Gut from a UK internet search.

Before I tell you a bit about why I’m putting this forum together, I want to make it absolutely clear, although reasonably well informed through the process of ‘trial and error’, I am NOT an expert or clinical physician with all the answers..  Rather I’m one of you, frankly fed up with finding pockets of decent information (eventually) from far fetched reaches of the internet, generally littered with sufferers and survivors in equal measure. So clearly, we need a focal point for people like you and me to express ourselves, and hopefully my good people, for those with constructive things to say to help other Leaky Gutter’s along the way by way of help people understand and manage their conditions.

I hope you like the URL GutLove.co.uk; personally, I was surprised at first that this was still available, but then again, with patchy information and knowledge around this condition out there, why was I surprised at all?!  I hope in time, as people ‘trip’ over our forum, we can look to help many people suffering in silence with all manner of issues and varying symptoms.

If you are new to this site, and want to know what Leaky Gut is, do click on our tab above to understand what we know about this condition and it’s possible and widespread symptoms.

If you want to understand a bit more about me, and my timeline of “NHS frustration” from Doctors to Hospital Outpatient , Doctors to A&E, my time through Cardiology, Gastroenterology & Finally Thoracic , take a look at what I’ve put together to give you an idea of one, the varying symptoms I had at each time in my life, and two, how very little the doctors understood what was going on with my body!