Avocado is an Anti- 
for Leaky Gutters


The humble, but deliciously creamy avocado.  I absolutely love the stuff, and to know it’s actually good for you in a number of ways makes it even more worthwhile getting your fingers slightly messy in green ‘stuff’ for!  They’re such funny things too, about the weight and size of a cricket ball, probably do similar damage if it was thrown!😊  and the occupier of probably one of the largest seeds I’ve ever seen! 

So, doing a little digging, the avocado originally came from Southern Mexico (super hot!) and we’re talking a seriously long time ago too, like 10,000BC if you agree with the evidence however, we can catalogue people trying avocado’s back in the 1600’s, so its been around a while!

Now, I’m not about to give anyone reading this a full history lesson on the rising of the avocado ha! I’ll leave that for someone else to do, infact there’s an interesting article here that will quench your thirst for avocado knowledge!

I’m going to run through the main reasons why, if you suffer with symptoms that sounds alarmingly similar to leaky gut syndrome, I suggest you give these little puppies a go for yourself.

So, the Facts..

Lots of good fats! Not the inflammation inducing ones

I increased my intake of avocado around 2 months ago now, and I can honestly say, it’s been one of the biggest surprise foods I have tried, with a view to helping me bring down the inflammation clearly going on in my tummy.   Since around 2016, I have since struggled with going to the gym for the sole reason that that exercise SERIOIUSLY stresses out my abdomen (for obvious reasons)  and so a struggle to remain relatively fit and healthy began. This unassuming ‘cricket ball’ sized fruit can actually halt the ‘pulsating’ effect I receive when my inflammation is bad, within 10 minutes of eating it, its phenomenal!  Well documented on the internet, for a happy body balance, we need to be able to absorb reasonable levels of the vitamins we eat in our food – the good fats actually help our bodies absorb these vitamins. With high levels of monounsaturated fats, you can enjoy this delicious stuff safe in the knowledge you’re putting the right stuff into your body.  Avocado’s are packed with antioxidants, and these types of ‘good’ fats – and at these levels, you may well end up reducing your bodies inflammatory response.  There is also research that suggests the seed is actually as healthy to consume as the creamy substance its self, although personally speaking here, I prefer to steer clear of the seed!

Great as an aid for tackling stress & anxiety

So, from a mental health point of view, we all know our bodies and minds are inextricably linked, a healthy mind IS a healthy body.  A healthy body stems from a healthy gut!  So it worth noting these tasty treats are packed with magnesium which is super important for your focus, ability to sleep, not to mention your mood, too.

Great for keeping the acidity of tummy balanced, not too acidic!

Who hasn’t experienced that horrid ‘wave’ like feeling of acid heart burn?  I think we can all relate to be honest.  Well this acid is powerful stuff and hugely importance for the successful digestion of our food however, leaky gutter’s can find their tummies out of balance when it comes to our pH levels.  An avocado has a pH level of 6.3 – 6.6 which is great for keeping our tummies in a happy place.

Heaps of Fiber! Some of which is Prebiotic fiber.

Super good for us Leaky Gutter’s and people in general in getting as much fiber into our diets as possible.  And it gets slightly more tricky when you consider the different types of fiber actually out there.  All we need to know right now is an avocado a day will easily deliver you 10-15grams of good prebioticstyle fiber, which you may not know, means it’s a feeding source for probiotics.  IN a nut shell, if you’re taking a pro biotic, which you are probably considering, the more prebiotic you have in your diet, the more effective the probiotic will be.

In summary, for the sake of a pound, I would absolutely give this little guy a go, put him in your shopping basket and try it for yourself.  Of the fruits out there than can reduce inflammation, this is a must for anyone thinking they’re suffering from leaky gut syndrome.