Boring Beans?


I’m not sure what time you’re reading this… so, Good morning, Good afternoon , Good evening!

Personally, I’m writing this from my desk at work, It’s 1.50pm and I’ve just had my lunch, and if I’m caught writing this as opposed to doing my work, I could be in trouble!

I suppose the reason I’m writing this blog is because, as people with Gut related illnesses will be able to relate, breakfast, lunch, dinner time can be somewhat boring these days, on the palette at least.

If you’ve skimmed the website you’ll know I’ve suffered with issues to do with my tummy for some years although its only really been the last 2 years or so that I’ve taken the ‘diet led’ recovery plan anywhere seriously.  Knowing there’s plenty of people out there who will be going through a similar process of discovery, much like I was (and still am to a degree!) I thought I’d give you an idea of what I’ve done in terms of diet restrictions given my trigger foods; vast majority of what I’ve had to cut have been ‘carbs on the plate’, so here goes:

  • Sugar (unnecessary sugar, starch, so processed sugar, potatoes etc)
  • Potatoes Sweet & White (as above plus, although sweet potatoes have a lower GI, they still notice a clear inflammatory response from eating them)
  • Grains, rice, pasta, bread etc etc

So folks, you get the jist.., it’s a little boring, right?!  I’m basically removing some of easiest to make, tastiest stuff around, especially when you’ve not had any of them in a while!

Now , as and when you start the journey to removing food groups, I imagine as you continue to read to educate yourself, you’ll realise you need to start tackling the above in a pretty similar way, at least to start getting your symptoms under control, to give your immune system a break from the barrage of toxins entering your blood stream through your ‘siv’ of a gut lining.  However, you’re obviously going to need to feed yourself a reasonable amount of carbohydrates while not inflaming your gut.

You will certainly be able to help keep yourself feeling full with the addition of vegetables (I’d suggest green ones only to start, given the presence of lectins – there’s a blog in this for someone people!) or an increase in your current volume of vegetables, given, veggies do contain carbs, too.

You will however still require some form of carbs that don’t tend to irritate your gut lining.  Personally, I would try beans – yes beans – the thing us humans have been growing for 6000 years, apparently!  I am not talking your regular tin of baked beans though, given these are packed full of sugar at the very least..

Welcome, the Haricot Bean (Navy bean basically).  Now I know if you search the internet, you will realise there’s an argument made for every opposing opinion for pretty much every food there is, and to be frank, you will need to “try it for yourself” to see if it works for you too.

But the humble bean is , in my opinion , a way of adding sustenance to my meal without irritating my stomach to the point that my heart rate goes up in response, and I do this by leaving a bowl of beans in soak each day, replacing the beans eaten today with a new bowl of beans for the soak. 

Beans not soaked in sugary sources are rich in protein, antioxidants, Zinc, iron, magnesium – lots basically!  Have a read of this blog to get an idea.  On the other side of the fence, you will read much about presence of lectins, complex starch and the much like..  by soaking your beans the day before (covered and out of the way) you will have a meal for the following day that, once thoroughly cooked before consumption, will provide you with the nutrition you need to avoid those pesky grains, breads etc, while not leaving yourself feeling empty  and constantly feeling like you’re missing out every meal time.

Spice things up, too! I don’t necessarily mean you should run home and hit the back of the cupboard for the ‘blow ya head off’ spices left their for all of eternity  – I mean experiment with gut friendly spices such as turmeric or ginger with a drop of lemon, or even adding some olive oil with a little balsamic vinegar  – all of these lift your bowl with a little extra flavour, all super nutritious and healthy for you.

Boring Beans?  They don’t have to be.