Gut Boosting Blueberries


So here goes, one average sized cup of blueberries, roughly 80 calories, zero cholesterol , a decent 3.6g of fiber, next to no fat, and around 20g of carbs of which 15g as natural sugars.

Grown all over, from North America to Asia, these little cherubs pack a nutritional punch, and taste great too.  All over the internet, you will hear practitioners urging people to increase their consumption of antioxidants to collect up all those pesky ‘cell breaking free radical’s’ that cause a host of unsavoury problems for us humans.

Blueberries have been eaten for over 10,000years, are natural in their colour due to their pigment called anthocyanin, so if there was something adverse we should know about them, we should really know it by now! And its this, anthocyanin, that gives the blueberry it it’s anti-aging, blood pressure reducing, cancer reducing qualities that we know about today.

Never mind from a leaky gut perspective, from a gut perspective, you want to be consuming a handful of these tasty little berries on a daily basis for their anti-inflammatory properties due to the high fibre content in each berry.

From the perspective of someone suffering with any guy related illness or intolerance, you will probably be already taking a probiotic or at least considering it.  If so, blueberries are great to take in conjunction with your probiotic as they act as a prebiotic in the gut , feeding the good bacteria in your probiotic for greater effect.

In Summary

If you’re suffering with Colitis or some form of inflammatory bowl disease, taking berries on a daily basis is a great way to ensure you’re getting enough of the right sort of fibre in your diet, which should help to relieve some of your symptoms. 

In terms of my day, I always tend to find high sugar content foods, even naturally high content foods, cause me inflammation which, in me at least, manifests it self in the ‘pulsating stomach’ and elevated heart rate than I mention from time to time. In terms of reaction, blueberries are exceptionally good for maintaining a healthy blood sugar level given glycaemic index of blueberries is 53, which is a low GI, meaning its body & gut friendly!

Give them a go, such tasty little berries, super versatile as a fruit.  I put eat these either on the go, or in the morning after a scummy omelette.


Oh so healthy, James! 😊.