New Forum for Gut Health

Firstly, it’s great to have people reading and showing an interest in the forum and its content.  It’s here for you.  We all know of people, family and friends included, who have some sort of difficulty relating to a form of gastro-related issue.

The NHS have, in most cases, applied no more than a ‘plaster’ over the condition.  Awareness about each condition and the related side effects is what this forum is here for, as external content continues to enrich our site, people will be able to link with specialists in each field that know how best to manage each condition holistically with focus on diet and natural remedies that really work, not brittle bone inducing pills from the NHS.


I thought it would be a good idea to provide the below blog calendar, showing you what we will be discussing throughout the year.  Of course, my personal journey has and will continue to be around ‘Leaky Gut’ however, this forum is about ALL possible gastro issues. Therefore, as the forum grows, so will the depth of knowledge, available through guest speakers and professionals, in their respective fields. Please ‘like’ our pages and sign up to our newsletter to follow the journey with us! 


Week 1 & 2 –  About me, my condition, how my issues developed, journey & cost through the NHS!
Week 3 – Run through of discussion topics for the year ahead 
Week 4 – Intro to gastro-related illnesses including, Leaky Gut.
Week 5 – Emotional side of dealing with leaky gut
Week 6 – Guest Speaker!
Week 7 – Inflammation
Week 8 – Sugar – what it does when it hits our bodies
Week 9 – Sugar levels – Continued (it’s a big topic of conversation!)
Week 10 – Crash course on tackling your leaky gut
Week 11 – use of pro-biotics, what are they, how does it help?
Week 12 – Use of prebiotics to support pro-biotics & a healthy gut flora
Week 13 – Foods, which are generally good, bad for you
Week 14 – Guest Speaker!
Week 15 – Foods, which are generally good, bad for you Pt.2
Week 16 – Microbiome- what is it, why do we need to look after our Microbiome.
Week 17 – Link between our gut and our mental health
Week 18 – Link between our gut and our mental health Pt.2
Week 19 – Guest Speaker!
Week 20 – what happens to our bodies when taking / after taking antibiotics – what to eat to tackle
Week 21 – The gut boosting Blueberry!
Week 22 – Stress – how bad my tummy feels when I have had a stressful situation
Week 23 – Guest Speaker!
Week 24 – Alcohol – the effects on the body physically & mentally
Week 25 –  Alcohol – the effects on the body & leaky gut Pt.2
Week 26  – Gut flora tests, are they worth it?
Week 27 – Guest Speaker!
Week 28 – intolerance tests, the importance of understanding your body
Week 29 – Wider conversation around gastro illnesses, IBS, autoimmune diseases.
Week 30 – Boring Beans!
Week 31 – Guest Speaker!
Week 32 – Avocado, an Anti-inflammatory
Week 33 – Tasty Recipes
Week 34 – Tasty Recipes
Week 35 – Guest Speaker!
Week 36 – Colostrum – not just for babies!
Week 37 – Enzymes – why leaky gutters may be lacking the basics
Week 38 – Slippery Elm – some sticky assistance for our guts
Week 39 – Guest Speaker!
Week 40 -10 best foods to consume to reduce inflammation!
Week 41 – Exercise – the positives and negatives on the body from exercise
Week 42 – L Glutamine – how good is this stuff?
Week 43 – Guest Speaker!
Week 44 – Stress Management tools – link to gut health
Week 45 – Body Movement Therapy
Week 46 – Yoga – Any good?
Week 47 – Guest Speaker!
Week 48 – Roundup of Best foods to consume to tackle your leaky gut
Week 49 – Roundup of the best remedies to be taking to help heal the gut
Week 50 – Roundup of other general tips, excising, stress management
Week 51 – Guest Speaker!
Week 52 – A thank you to everyone for being part of our journey in year one