Crash Course on the Basics of 
Tackling Your Leaky Gut

I know how daunting it is, the realisation life needs to change, for a better, more healthy you. Reality is though, living with one of more of the symptoms due to poor gut health, is a real downer on life – I know, I’ve been there! So, without going into such granular detail you end reading this guide with more questions than answers, I’ve made sure the below is kept in plain English and achievable in terms of what you need to do by all reading it.

A great idea when first starting out is to run a food diary – this allows you to understand what is going in to your tummy, and you will also be able to track which foods are causing you problems with inflammation and which ones are harmless to your body.

Here is what I suggest you do to start looking to tackle your leaky gut.

1.Analyse your food intake / diet

Of course, this is at the top to the list because your route back to recovery starts and ends in your diet – all 4 of the below executed perfectly and consistently will not be enough to get you back to eating what you’ve been used to eating, but trouble free.

A few key things to consider here:

you need to be consuming whole unprocessed foods, lean meats (Avoid red meat for now)  Avoiding dairy productsunless they’re cultured products with live cultures (probiotic)

Vegetables are your friend– these only lightly washed

Consider your veggies as your 1 of 2 sources of your carbs– there are carbs in veg’s people! Lots of green veggies – avoid tomatoes for now until you have confirmed the lectins are not causing inflammation.

Healthy Fats -these will make up the other half of your carbs – avocado, coconut oil, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds.

2.Look at how much sleep you’re allowing yourself

This point is enormously important, yet can be easily overlooked.  Widely understood, Gut health plays a major role in affecting the hormones that help you sleep.  Without this balance of the hormone, Melatonin, which is key to your bodies stress and inflammatory response to outside substances – with this out of ‘kilter’ your body will be less able to deal these stresses which is known to have an effect on gut permeability and your gut Microbiome / Microbiota.

I would suggest aiming for 8 hours a night sleep.  Many professionals will suggest more, especially while you’re in the early stages of recovery however, is this practical in the real world?  I think one down to you to work out how much time you can dedicate to the land of nod!

3.Monitor your alcohol intake / smoking?

This one will not go down well with a lot of people!  But sadly for many, the glass of wine at home, or that pint of beer down the pub to unwind, has to go! If only for 30 days, your stomach will require a reset of all common trigger substances known the aggravate the lining of the stomach.

As I said above, I’m not going to go full ‘Professor Rowden’ on you and explain what that poison is doing to you, because that would be hypercritical of me, considering I like a tipple as much as the next person however, while we’re getting back to ‘ground zero’ and putting the work in to sort our tummies, alcohol has no place in our diets for the time being.

Once we’ve managed the 30 days to go ‘cold turkey’ we can then start in introduce it again, this time try taking activated charcoal which is great at limiting the volume of toxins secreted into our blood streams  (I keep a pot in my bag – as it sounds, it was be a little messy unless you get the tablets!)

Get yourself a decent pro biotic – personally I am trying a spore based probiotic currently, which is great as it doesn’t require refrigeration.  There are loads out there, and it simply a case of finding one that suits your tummy, I would suggest going to one with at least 10billion as its strength.

If you can afford it, an option would also be glutathione which is essentially our powerful anti oxidant which will go a long way to staving off those pesky free radicals that we’re told are out to get us at a moments opportunity!

Lastly, smoking is a REAL no no….  Simply put, the toxins in your cigarette is out to kill you, literally.  The inflammation inducing chemicals in a cigarette, don’t go there.  There is free help out there for getting of the ‘fags’, your doctor will always be a good bet for help.

4.Purchase a small number of natural remedies that will speed your recovery

This is an interesting one, and one I will I think is best to list in terms of suitable aids to ease your road to recovery, as opposed to a full biopsy of each one.  We’ll go through the full SP of each over the months in our vlogs and blogs, so we have everything we need to know about these natural, wonder products.  I would suggest, adding some or all of these in, in stages.  You need to know whether one doesn’t agree with you stomach, as opposed to having the stop the lot because no methodical process was following to introduce in the first place.

L-Glutamine – simply put, this stuff is your best friend, the one you will never want to let go of, or be short of.  You will find this stuff widely available on the internet, in all reputable outlets! I would recommend going for it in powder form so its cheaper to buy, and make sure you get it in pure unflavoured form. Without huge detail, this stuff folks has the ability to heal your gut lining, which is why its so incredibly effective when taken in the right quantity. I would suggest 5g to start with, increasing to 10g for 30 days however, once you get your road to recovery going and you’re out the ‘red zone’ in terms of inflammation in your stomach, you will probably find 5g is just about enough. 

DGL Liquorice– Personally folks, I absolutely adore this stuff – I know it’s a bit of a marmite thing with Liquorice however , this stuff increases mucus production and other gastric benefits.  I find this super effective at dealing with inflammation , as opposed to something I take before certain situations or food consumption that I know will cause me future inflammation.  So in summary it great at moping up your mistakes, not that you will have any, ha!

Pro biotics – We’ve touched on it above however, I cannot stress how important it is that you get your balance in your gut back – we need the healthy bacteria to combat the bad bacteria.

You will quickly notice there are a host of varying probiotics out there, and given this is a forum not a site for pushing products on people, plus everyone’s bodies are slightly different, I would suggest you look for one that suits you.  I have tried Vivvomix before which I must admit was extremely effective at reducing my inflammation within 15-20 minutes of taking it however, its rather pricey.  I am currently trying a spore based pro biotic which I will be reporting on soon in our vlogs.


Pre biotics – these guys are basically the fuel source for your probiotic meaning, get yourself a steady supply of your pre biotic, and you will reap the rewards in terms of positive effects from your probiotic!  This doesn’t need to by too pricey, either.  I would suggest blueberries as your source of pre biotic, or kefir yogurt which is also cheap enough to add to your shopping basket while not breaking the bank!

5.Consider your activity levels

While there is a need to keep active where you can, as we don’t want you tuning into a ‘couch potato’ 😊  there is definitely requirement for some common sense to be applied to the frequency and intensity of your workouts.  I am testament to proof, training, or over training can be a route cause of leaky gut syndrome, or at least a leading factor. At one point , back in 2016, I was training daily yet unable to breath under the highest of intensity workouts. When I allowed ended my session, I could time my bodies reaction to about 90 minutes from the time of training, I would start to see my stomach pulsate, while my heart rate would continue to rise – not a nice feeling I can assure you!   So your exercise does need to be managed, and post workout, I would recommend plenty of green vegetables to fend of those ‘free radicals’ you’ve just sent flying around your body following the cortisol effect of the stress you’ve put your body through.  Remember, everything in moderation!


Best of luck people.